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New Investment Manager Regime

Private equity investors will miss out in the Government’s newly announced Investment Manager Regime designed to attract substantial funds from offshore for management within Australia.

More red tape for self-managed super funds

More red tape for self-managed super funds. The Government plans to increase regulation of self-managed super funds detailed in its Stronger Super announcement in September.

Proprietors' funds

Answer: This is a commonly used term to indicate funds withdrawn from a business by its proprietors.

Proprietor’s funds

Proprietor’s funds. Question: Can you direct me to where I might find more information on the definition of “drawings”? Answer: This is a commonly used term to indicate funds withdrawn from a business by its proprietors.

Save Tax: Self-managed Super Funds

Save Tax: Self-managed Super Funds. If you are self-employed or employed by your own company or trust you can establish and manage your own superannuation fund at a moderate cost. Get your accountant or solicitor to arrange this for you.

German agreement to tax undisclosed Swiss bank accounts

The agreement provides: + Existing undisclosed bank account funds will be taxed in Switzerland with a withholding tax between 19 and 34 percent (depending on how long the funds have been hidden and the rate of capital gain); + The final withholding tax on future

Revenue Authorities focus of taxing offshore income

Many countries who relied on secrecy to attract investments and trade are now shedding their reputation as tax havens and providing details to other jurisdictions.

Protect Assets – take a registered charge over your company

Have you loaned substantial funds to your company or trust (with a corporate trustee)? Make sure that you have a loan agreement in place to record the terms of the loan and ensure that you comply with the debt/equity rules.

Australian Research & Development Tax Incentives

This video touches on some important considerations and processes that should be followed correctly in order to access available funds. For more information, watch the full video or give us a call on +61 7 3012 9580.

Super funds – CFDs

Super funds – CFDs. Question: Can a super fund invest in CFDs? If so, what is the value of the threshold? Answer: Contracts for Difference. or CFDs are a sophisticated and fairly high risk product available to investors and traders.