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We can help you take on an overseas employment position by offering planning guidance to optimise your tax residency circumstances so you do not pay unnecessary double taxation.

Case study: Tax residency and main residence exemption

Case study: Tax residency and main residence exemption. Bert Lancaster is an enterprising young mining engineer who has just been offered a new job in New Zealand. He recently bought his first home in Brisbane in January.

Save Tax: Selling assets tax free

Save Tax: Selling assets tax free. If you have assets or investments in your self managed super fund and you move it into pension phase and then sell the assets, there is no CGT or other income tax on the sale of the assets! Keywords: Next Article.

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Save Tax: Family Wages

Save Tax: Family Wages. Does your business employ family members? If so, ensure that their wage entitlements are paid up to date before the end of the financial year. The Tax Office does not look kindly on journal entries for unpaid wage entitlements.

Save Tax: Borrowing Expenses

Save Tax: Borrowing Expenses. Legal costs, stamp duty, mortgage preparation and valuation fees, broker's charges, etc are deductible if business related and should be pro rated over the period of the loan, up to a maximum of five years.

Save Tax: Apportioning interest claims

Save Tax: Apportioning interest claims. Interest on monies borrowed to purchase an asset mused for both business and private purposes must be apportioned on a reasonable basis, eg. kilometres driven, floor space, etc.

Save Tax: Meals and refreshments

Save Tax: Meals and refreshments. You can claim a deduction for the cost of tea, coffee and light lunches provided to employees on the work premises during working hours. These are exempt from FBT. Keywords: Next Article.

Benchmark interest rate

The Tax Office has released a determination announcing the benchmark interest rate for Division 7A loans to be 7.8% for the 2012 financial year. TD 2011/20, NTAA Voice 206, p17. Keywords: Next Article.

Save Tax: Tax planning

Save Tax: Tax planning. Are you operating a business alone or in partnership with your spouse?